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GPON (Fiber Optics)

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  • GPON (Fiber Optic)

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Network architecture that brings fiber cabling and signals to the home using a point-to-multipoint scheme that enables a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises.

Within its countrywide Metro Ethernet Network whether Public Switch Telephone Network - PSTN (ADSL), Fiber Optic Cable (GPON)

1 Mbps K.D 38 Annual
2 Mbps K.D 61 Annual
3 Mbps K.D 82 Annual
4 Mbps K.D 102 Annual
5 Mbps K.D 116 Annual
6 Mbps K.D 122 Annual
7 Mbps K.D 143 Annual
8 Mbps K.D 157 Annual
10 Mbps K.D 165 Annual
20 Mbps K.D 331 Annual

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